Webinar Series 2, 2021, No. 14

Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society

Date: 16th November 2021 at 7:30pm

Dr. Niall Gregory

Gregory Archaeology


‘Bonane Heritage Park Boat Project’


In this greatly awaited webinar Dr. Niall Gregory will delve into New Insights in Dugout Boat Manufacture and Use Through Experimental Archaeology. Dr. Gregory has been a Professional archaeologist since 1989 with his own commercial archaeological practise (Gregory Archaeology). He has engaged in all facets of commercial archaeological project work. He was awarded a PhD from University of Edinburgh, 1997 with ‘A Comparative Study of Irish and Scottish Logboats’.

Dr. Gregory has built replica dugout boats and experimented with them as supplemental work to further enhancing understanding these boats in their archaeological and historical context. Various papers on dugout boat archaeology and collaborations of same submitted. Currently researching for the writing of two books on the Irish dugout boats (Northern and Republic of Ireland). Currently researching into creating new typological sequence for dugout boats, based upon culmination of dugout boat research over a 25 year period. Dr. Gregory is also a Member of Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland; Ambassador and founding member of Early Watercraft: A Global Perspective of Invention and Development; Presidium member of Charter of European Rural Communities. Overall, this upcoming webinar promises to be an engaging and insightful event.