Presidential Chain of Office

Each individual who is elected President of our Society (for a term of three years), has the honour of wearing our Presidential Chain of Office. It is based on the Ballinagroun Lunula and was designed by Wicca Designs in Kenmare. Each link bears the name of the President, commencing with that of our first president Dr F. M. Hilliard.

Ballinagroun Lunula

Gold lunula from td. Ballinagroun, Co Kerry. Found on the property of Major J. McGillycuddy at Ballinagroun, Inch, Annascaul, Co. Kerry.

It is made from thin sheet gold, in good condition though creased in appearance probably as a result of being rolled up and unrolled in antiquity. The decoration on the terminals consists of panels of rectilinear motifs including triangles, hatched triangles, lozenges, groups of lines and criss-cross hatching. The inner and outer edges are decorated with incised lines between which are areas of slanted lines, criss-cross hatching and punched dots. The layout and execution of the decoration is irregular and there is little similarity between each decorated side of the lunula. The lunula dates to the Early Bronze Age, 2000 BC approx. Lunulae are one of the earliest types of gold ornament known from Ireland. There are about 60 examples from Ireland in the collections of the National Museum of Ireland with a small number of other examples in the British Museum and other collections abroad. There are examples from near Killarney in the collections of the National Museum and from Mangerton (Killarney) in the British Museum.

Ballinagroun Lunula - Kerry Archeological and Historical Society

Ballinagroun Lunula (text and image courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland)