Webinar Series 2, 2021. Documentary

Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society

Date: 25th February 2021 at 7:30pm

Robert McGuire


‘The Castle of the Island’ Documentary

In 2017 ‘The Castle of the Island Society’ was founded by Robert McGuire, who holds a BA and a MA in Archaeology from University College Cork. The Currow native established the voluntary society with the primary aim to preserve and promote the history of Castleisland Castle, by means of producing a documentary on the Castle. During the period 2017 to 2021, Robert researched, produced and presented a documentary entitled ‘The Castle of the Island’.

In 2018, the first draft of the documentary was premiered to a private audience in the ‘River Island Hotel’ in Castleisland. Since then, the documentary has been edited and enhanced further. Additionally, a new stunning digital reconstruction of the Castle has been created. The ‘Final Cut’ of the documentary will be released to the public over the coming months. Meanwhile, Robert is willing to show the documentary to members of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society who attend the webinar. This will be a ‘live stream event’.

Note: The documentary will not be available to view in the ‘Members Area’ after the event, as it is not released publicly yet. For more updates visit www.castleislandcastle.com

–The scheduled lecture ‘Webinar Series 2, 2021, No. 2: Castleisland Railway History by John Reidy’ will be rescheduled for a later date.