Series 1 Vol 5 (1972)



Articles featured:

  • The Building-history of Ratass Church (Peter Harbison)
  • The Origin of the Pierse Family of County Kerry (John H. Pierse)
  • Sir Richard Cox’ s Description of Kerry, 1687 (Pádraig de Brún)
  • Lord Orrery’s Travels in Kerry, 1735 (The Knight of Glin)
  • Insights into Fifty Years of Episcopal Elections (1774-1824) (Sister M. Angela Bolster)
  • An Scoláire Bán (Pádraig deBrún)
  • David Moriarty (1814-77): III. Politics (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  • Aspects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867: III Prelude to the Trials (Séan Ó Lúing)
  • Primary Education in Kerry One Hundred Years Ago (Michael Quane)
  • Miscellanea

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