Kerry Archaeological & Historical Journal

The Journal of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society is issued free to members and is published annually.

It generally contains a variety of academic articles on topics relating to the history and archaeology of the county and nearby regions, and also sometimes carries articles about the exploits of Kerry people outside of their own home area. It is highly regarded, both at home and abroad.

The journal is noted for the fact that it contains an index in every issue, and a full listing of all Journal articles (1968-2017) is available below. Illustrations have always been included in articles, where relevant, and in recent years colour has begun to appear within the pages, making the Journal even more attractive.

The current editor, Tony Bergin, welcomes contributions in all relevant areas which can be sent directly to him at Please review Guidelines for Article submission and then contact the editor directly with your proposal.

To view a full index of Journal articles please click on the link below:

    Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society Journal Articles 1968-2017

All volumes of the Journal are available for reference in Kerry County Library, Tralee and many back issues are still available to purchase from the Society. Please consult the 'Back Issues' section on this website for more information.

Some sample articles from the Journal are available to view below:

    "A Hot Property: the Morphology and Archaeology of the Irish Fulachta Fiadh"
    by Emer Dennehy (Series 2, Vol. 8, 2008, pp 5-27).

    "Dún an Óir 1580: the Potential for Intact Siege Archaeology"
    by Damian Shiels, (Series 2, Vol. 7, 2007, pp59-69).

    "The Godfrey Estate during the Great Famine"
    by John Knightly, (Series 2, Vol. 5, 2005, pp 125-153).

For any queries in relation to the Journal please email or contact:

The Hon. Editor,
The Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society Journal,
Kerry County Library,
Co. Kerry,