Outing Code of Conduct

The Kerry Archaeological & Historical Society is committed to providing the best and safest experience possible at all our outings. To that end, we have drawn up an Outing Code of Conduct, below, to which we expect members and their guests to adhere. You can also download a copy here.

Outing Code of Conduct

1. Please sign in with the designated KAHS Health and Safety Officer (HSO) at the start of all outings.

2. Please advise the designated HSO if you are leaving the tour early.

3. Non-members will be required to sign a liability waiver form.

4. Non-members may attend two outings as guests of members.

5. Carpooling is preferred, due to accessibility of some of the sites we visit.

6. Please wear clothing appropriate to the weather and footwear suitable to rough terrain.

7. All participants have a duty of care for their own safety and fitness for the terrain.

8. Anyone whose behaviour endangers others or interferes with the presentation will be asked to leave.

9. Children are welcome, as we hope to foster an interest in our heritage in all generations. However, outings are not always suitable for small children. Please use appropriate discretion when bringing them.*

10. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will be held responsible for the care and behaviour of the minor.

11. While we strive to be inclusive of all, the nature of many of our outings may make them unsuitable for those with mobility aids.*

13. The designated KAHS Health and Safety Officer at an outing has the final word regarding adherence to the above rules.

* Information regarding outings is posted to our website at the beginning of each month from May to September, along with contact information for the outing HSO. Please contact him/her with questions regarding suitability for children or mobility devices.